How Chenille Yarn has become the most popular

How Chenille Yarn has become the most popular by designers

2023-02-07 / Mirfil

For a beautiful, soft look, chenille yarn has become the favorite of fabric designers for many reasons. The softness and shine of chenille enhances the look and feel of thousands of everyday items including: sweaters, outerwear fabrics, upholstery and drapery fabrics, throws and blankets as well as area rugs.

Chenille is a plush fabric that has been produced commercially since the 1970s. In the years of its beginning, due to the machinery that was used, it resulted in a chenille with variable characteristics. Modern machinery was implemented in Europe and North America in the early 1990's, and today chenille is a beautiful and reliable yarn that is gaining popularity. CIMA is dedicated to improving the manufacturing methods of the industry through education, to ensure the easy use of this beautiful yarn. Chenille is a yarn that is difficult to manufacture, requiring great care in its production. In order to make chenille into a final article, great care must be taken, and this is due to the direction of the plush, the complete presence of the plush (or lack thereof) and its strength in relation to the quantity.